During your life you may buy a fence as seldom as you buy a home. Making the right choice is important to avoid the ongoing expense of maintenance and repair. Although wood or aluminum may initially cost less than vinyl, that cost advantage is soon lost because of the painting, staining, repair, and other maintenance associated with those materials. Our fence is commercial grade. Not to be confused with the vinyl fence you may find at your local big box store. Our posts are self-supporting. They do not require wood inside to support the fence. Posts are also pre-routed, so the fence rails insert into the post. This is an easier to install, cleaner looking system, that is also stronger than bracketed systems. After installation, there is little to be done except the occasional rinse with a garden hose. To add to your piece of mind, our fence is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. M.A.K.E. Fence and Deck does not install fences; we sell fence material. If you would like to have a fence installed, please see our recommended Contractors.





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